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Moving !!

5 years of blogging Second Life ! I’ve managed to fill one complete blog space and it’s time for a new spot, SO ……

I have created a new blog space. This one will not be going away, it will be linked to the new.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my SLife with all of my friends and followers, fellow bloggers.  The designers and events  coordinators that have trusted me to showcase and feature their designs.

It’s been a journey for me , one that I cherish. It’s been a positive learning experience that’s allowed me to meet some awesome people form all over the globe and grid.

So, please be patient while I transition to my new blog . I certainly hope that you will all join me there too!!

In the coming week you will find me continuing to do what I love @

Colleens SLife in Pixels ! 

Now , I’m back to moving in there and getting everyone notified.  :)

I’ll be watching for you !!  See you there !

Gallery Assis in Association with LUMIPro


Gallery Assis in Association with LUMIPro presents:

Joseph Nussbaum “Intimacy”

This show presents a close view of intimacy, holding, love making, in all different varieties. Intimacy is an aspect of life that is important; it is something precious and something we should never lose. I have attempted to show the closeness of two people, focusing on the feelings and the balance of the portrait.

Erik Bayn L’Homme

A series about pure masculinity, to show the male body at its best. It’s inspired by real photographs but arranged with an erotic touch and a sensual feeling !

Sabbian Paine “Dreams of Flesh and Water”

Dreams of Flesh and Water is about the fears and desires we often experience in dreams and the surreal, haunting and almost colorless images they often paint in our mind. This series is based on my own dreams and desires which often manifest themselves in or near water and the fear of sinking and what lurks beneath the surface coupled with the erotic desires of bare flesh in water.

Opens Saturday 17th August at Noon SLT

DJ Mjshotboy Skytower and Host Floyd Arun

Theme: Roman Bacchus Festival


Eli Wallace, Owner of Gallery Assis, has been working endlessly to get moved into a new sim and create a wonderful relaxing and classy atmosphere for the galley.

Please join us this Saturday @ Noon SLT to celebrate these fabulous artists and their works with an exotic themed party !! Grab your grapes, wine and toga!

At the new gallery location on Facon:


SL Storybook Saturday Blogger Challenge

Why Buy The Cao…

colleen Criss:

A friend has a friend who is a Cao. She is a beautiful, smart, funny (retired) model who makes me laugh and cry when I read her blog. From her antics with Spanx to the tales of her Jack Russell Terrorist and her Date Night escapades to her touching, insightful posts about life, love and death.

Originally posted on Pics by Peep:

1 Being Cao_006

I have a friend who is a Cao. She is a beautiful, smart, funny (retired) model who makes me laugh and cry when I read her blog. From her antics with Spanx to the tales of her Jack Russell Terrorist and her Date Night escapades to her touching, insightful posts about life, love and death, her blog is one I never miss.

As I mentioned, she is a retired model, so her unique shape is sacrosanct. She created it to achieve a look that set her apart in the Second Life fashion world. Couture is not my forte, so while I am unschooled in Second Life modeling practices, I have no doubt it is similar to the stories we hear about RL fashionistas: fiercely competitive with some models doing anything to get ahead. From what I have read in Cao’s blog, there are many models who are friends and…

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reBourne – Bali –

(photo by Editorial Clarity)

Yesterday my partner and I purchased this home. Absolutely stunning. Details and textures are outstanding and because we do a ton of photography and machinima the fact that there were NO offensive lighting was a huge sell for us.

We rez’d this as a house , not a skybox.

M E N U:
Bali has a house menu. This can change the background and waterfall in the premium skybox version.
*premium skybox*
– 11 backgrounds
– waterfall visible/hidden
– PREMIUM version comes with ambient sounds

Photo from Second Spaces

Over all I am totally satisfied with the look and the sale price.

This stunning home has one design flaw, when rez’d as a house and not a skybox there is no *gate/entrance*. The wall totally surround the house , so you have to set a tp directly into your home or jump over the walls.

With all the great options offered with this house/skybox a bit of forward thinking might have included the option when rez’d as a house on ground level that there might have been an entrance gate. So, while you can mod / move furniture you can NOT mod the build, we are unable to make our own *gate/entrance* . If you intend to use this as a house at ground level be advised you will either tp directly into the house or jump over the wall.


reBourne – Bali –

reBourne – Bali – ( PREMIUM FURNISHED ) quality beach home with pool, mesh house ( skybox and ground version included )

The Medieval Court ~ Storybook Saturdays

New Challenge – Storybook Saturdays

Snapshot_002 EDIT

There never was a time when women were more frequently made the subject of verse, nor worshiped with greater devotion, then the age of chivalry. It was a time when the duty and pleasure of every gentleman was to be the slave of same lady, and when passion of love was studied more ardently, and expressed in more delicate and sincere language then at any other time.

The introduction among the rules of chivalry of the so called “Science of Love” brought into the customs and ideas of medieval society a new element which became almost immediately dominant, side by side with the purely warlike element and the religious element.

The new doctrine, when brought in from Provence, France and spread by means of crusaders returning from the Holy Land, found a congenial atmosphere in the North of France and among the Normans, where women already occupied a dignified and independent position.



What I’m wearing:

The Muses . Tika . Ivory/Blue

Rebel Hope @ FaMESHed

August 1st  brings some fabulous Rebel Hope casual to FaMESHed !!

This round she offers us Val  mesh strip leggings in 10 great colors and Molly tied mesh tops in 10 colors. This is like the best mix n match I’ve seen this season!

These will take you right in to the those fabulous beginnings of fall.





Just wait till you see all of the colors for these! Wear with your heels or wear with your flats and look late summer and fall fabulous !

Grab the taxi to FaMESHed.


And find these awesome leather pants and blouses only at Rebel Hopes Main Store.


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