Ideas, ideas and more ideas!!!

I have been having trouble sleeping because I can’t get the idea streams to stop spinning around in my head. I returned from the Educause ELI conference with my head full of possibilities. Now they are becoming ideas and moving on to plans.

I just enlarged the Twilight Art Museum & Gallery. I am aggressively looking for artists to exhibit and unique works for the gallery. Once I have add four more artists I will have a grand opening for the Museum and Gallery

I am also going to update and improve Twilight park. I will preserve Sahra’s memorial and Adriane’s Angel. I will enlarge the park some and add paths and bridges to tie it back to the village. Maybe add a gazebo. Of course many new trees and plants.

The biggest idea is the learning center. I will keep a classic look on the outside and the inside create a space for exhibits that teach about Second Life, virtual reality and anything else that will simulate the imagination. It will also have a movie theater so groups can watch and discuss videos of all sorts. I see potential here that I haven’t quite wrapped my head around yet. It is still brewing underneath.

The cathedral is now being used to teach Chaucer once in awhile. I realized it seats more avies than the island will hold but it looks so nice. I hope I can attract more teachers or discussion groups. Even a religious service would be nice on a weekly basis.

I am also formulating a Jazz/Blues Bistro with sidewalk tables and dance floor inside for couples. maybe an open mic once in while. Streaming music most of the time unless I can find someone who has time or lindens to run it.

I have more ideas out on the horizon, A small beach side marina, additional stores down town. Some beach houses to rent. I will share my ideas as they continue to rez.

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