New Apartments

I have added a few new rentals to Twilight. Galen asked if she could move out of her apartment into a beach house. I built a new one for her and added another two story apartment building between her and Cool & Luna’s home. I think there are now four 200L/wk apartments available in Twilight. If you know of anyone that is looking, please let them know. They can see what is available on the vendor display in the Freebie Store on Main Street.

I have just barely started on the Blues/Jazz Bistro. I pretty much just put down a foot print up in sandbox. I will be building on it over the week end. If you have any suggestions feel free to post them or IM me. I really want it to be place we can hang out to talk or dance in Twilight. Maybe we can have live music once in awhile.

I have also placed some markers between my house and the Cultural Plaza. I am beginning to formulate ideas for a Learning Center space which will include a video theater. I am hoping when it is done my house won’t stick out so much. I built my house up in the corner to make room for the expansion of the museum and the addition of the Learning Center.

Emartos has moved on, as she said she would. I wish the best for her. I miss her already. I will apply some of what I learned from her beautiful garden to Twilight Park. I hope she will invite me to see her new place when it is finished. I also hope she will visit from time to time.

Galen has moved into her new house. I will be doing some additional texturing on the interior walls once she decided on the style she wants. I expect we might see more of her now.


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