Twilight Park

I have been giving a lot of thought to Twilight Park. It is a beautiful place to watch a sunrise or sunset. Not much has been done to it for quite awhile. The picture above is an older picture of the park when the cathedral was next to it. Most of the park is donations from different Twilight residents. I have only been thinking about working on the park because I don’t have the permissions to move most of the objects in the park. In order for me to change it I will have to return a lot of the objects and replace them. I kind of like the connection with past it still has. I am going to leave the park where it is and add more area to it. I will have to return items as begin to edit the terrain some. I will bring in some more trees other vegetation. I will also add more places to sit and paths to walk on. I am trying to fit it a stream and bridge also. The Park will always remain an important part of Twilight.

With her permission, I want to share a poem my dear friend and fellow Twilight resident, Maia Pienaar wrote about Twilight Park. I think many of us have shared this experience there.


I watch the sun slip into dark
As scarlet clouds disect the blue
Across the skies at Twilight Park.
The moon and stars slip into view.
The white tipped waves, in constant motion
Hush and crush against the shore
And sieve the sands back to the ocean
To churn them loudly out once more.
Bird song dwindles into one,
A poignant plaintive piquant voice
Of days gone by and nights to come
And promised reasons to rejoice.
When night meets day in Twilight skies
I rest my soul, and dry my eyes.

–Maia Pienaar

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