Twilight gets a Blues Jazz Club

We now have our own club in Twilight. It still needs a name. I am open to suggestions. Kerry pointed out that it is a little to large to call it a bistro. I guess I got a little carried away. It is currently streaming blues and has both single and doubles dance balls. The singles dance ball is up above the back door and the couples dance balls are on pedestals, one in the corner by the bar and one by the back door so you can dance on the back deck with the a view of the water. I really don’t have the time to coordinate events there. If any body wants to use it for one please feel free. I bought an Internet radio but haven’t installed it yet. Once it is installed Twilight residents should be able to change stations.

I am very happy with how it turned out but I am sure I will continue to tinker around and improve on it. I am also open to suggestions and ideas. It has been fun building it and imagining people using it. The sidewalk tables are great to sit around and share ideas or just hang out. Come by and hang out, dance or have a seat at the bar. Feel the atmosphere and send me suggestions for a name.

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