Twilight Local News (February 24, 2008)

We have a few changes in Twilight. We have the addition of couple of new residents and another resident moving on.

Aishia had wanted to build a store and a studio in the corner where Ermartos’ house was. She wanted a big-box type store that didn’t fit with the Twilight community. She found another Sim to put it on. She will be around now and then working in sandbox.

I few new faces include Ruccus Short and his friends Georgia Earnshaw, Ruccus has opened a bookstore with camping chairs for SL newcomers in the corner store on main street across from the club and also the apartment above Free Store. Kiyla Dreamscape is also a new Twilight resident renting the upstairs apartment next to the Museum and Gallery. If you see them please welcome them to our community.

For some interesting fun and avie exorcise, Brenda has added a fencing game over by the classroom gazebo. I haven’t had a chance to try it out. I hope you will give it a try. Maybe we can develop a Twilight fencing team.

I should have the upper floor spaces of the buildings behind the gazebo available for rent as either commercial or residential space by the time you read this or shortly after.

I continue to do everything I can to keep Twilight lag to a minimum. The unfortunate part of SL growth is that the Second Life itself seems to get laggy as the total numbers of residence on line keeps breaking new records.

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