Upgrades In Twilight.

I went through and upgraded the Hippo Rental system I use in Twilight. You can now add partners or roommates to your rental box. So please let me know any partners or room mates you want added to your rent box. This will come in handy later as I implement some new features. I have have purchased some additional modules I will figure out how to install and implement. These include, Security, Teleport, Visitorlist and Tinting windows. I may not be able to implement the tinting windows with out remodeling some existing structures so you may not see that for awhile.
I wanted to remind you that the En Garde fencing game is over by the gazebo. It is a lot of fun. You will need someone to play with though. If you find it a lot off fun pleas feel free to join the Magic Dragon’s team by choosing “Join Team”. You can also bet on the game if you like. It is for all of you and your friends so please enjoy it.

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