A Twilight Grand Open

The gallery open was awesome. A bumpy start but in the end it was a really nice evening. You can read some press coverage about the gallery here http://slenquirer.com/ under Arts and Culture titled The dawn of Twilight ! Many thanks to my very good friend Leabros Memel for covering the open.
I’d like to thank everyone for thier help and participation. Lazlo and Kerry have created a wonderful place to call home.
The new shops are up, open and running and offer some of the best designers in SL. The gallery hosts the finest art and the club a great place to dance relax and enjoy with friends.
There are plenty of places and spaces available at Twilight for shops and residents so if you have not visited, you should 🙂 and if you have but it’s been awhile you should give us another look, I think you will love what you see.
More events happening soon in the club as we begin to set in motion regular entertainment nights, the art in the gallery will be changed periodicly, and Lazlo is probably working as we write to get the education center up and running.
If you’d like to see a certain shop or hear a certain entertainer please let me know and I’ll see what we can do to make that happen.
Enjoy your Twilight magics!

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