Ramblings about colleen Criss

Hello I’m Colleen Criss . I’m formerly an Opium Fashion Model , a very exciting agency its new fresh and the people are fabulous and the absolute best in their field.

General Manager of photoLIFE, I highly recommend the new photoLIFE system for all photographer’s or anyone who enjoys taking excellent pictures to enhance their 2nd life !!! 

Partnered to Toran Babenco, Second Life Photographer and entertainer. Stop by and talk to us @ Babenco & Criss Studios about your next photo, portfolio,runway…wedding  or video needs.
I also own/manage a music venue Opium Blues and Jazz.
 I am an NCI (New Citizens Inc)Instructor teaching Event Planning and Hosting as well as SL Skills class Starting a Business in Second Life.  If you need to learn how to live on the grid NCI is the place to be.

**08 Face of photoLIFE Top 10
**April 08 Wonderhair Model**
**June 08 JCNY Showcase Model**
**June/July 08 SL Miss Universe Pre finalist**
**Indyra Model Search July 08*
I’m having a fabulous time in my 2nd Life I sure hope you are too !







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