Face of photoLIFE Top 20!

Face of photoLIFE Top 20!

Posted in Contests, Opium Fashion Agency, Parties, photoLIFE on October 11, 2008 by Alianna Logan

The following is a list of the Top 20 Finalists for the Face of photoLIFE contest revealed tonight on the Opium sim at a fabulous party hosted by DJ Fricker Fraker. Congratulations to our Top 20 Winners!

Tomorrow, Saturday October 11, 2008 at 7pm SLT, there will be a Fashion Hunt that includes ALL of the Face of photoLIFE applicants in which the Top 5 finishers will automatically advance to the level of the pageant and become part of the Top 10 who will compete in the pageant on October 6th.

Congratulations to the Top 20!

1. Abandoon Nacht
2. Avona Ryba
3. Ayanna Mubble
4. Cami Bamboo
5. colleen Criss
6. Distracting Nighbor
7. Gamp Lane
8. Ida Boomhauer
9. Josephine Kiranov
10. Jula Carnell
11. Kate Stockholm
12. Livia Mastroianni
13. Musetta Fieschi
14. Nienna Smythe
15. Payton Heron
16. Pris Telling
17. Raphaella Nightfire
18. RubyStarlight Writer
19. Sami Kutanaga
20. Sapphire Coakes

What an awesome evening !!! Congrats to all of the girls! Many thanks to Oom the creator of photoLIFE system and the Opium Fashion Agancy.

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