Face of photoLIFE Top 10!

We, at Opium Fashion Agency, have had a wonderful time getting to know more about the women who were chosen to be apart of the Top 20 contestants. It hasn’t been an easy decision because all of the ladies are fantastic and we’re sure each one would bring something special to the position of Face of photoLIFE if she were given the chance. That being said, we did have decisions to make and have done so! The following is the list of Top 10 contestants who will be competing in the pageant on October 26th at 7:00pm SLT. We have also included two alternates who will be expected to participate and step into the competition in the event one of the Top 10 has to drop out of the pageant.

Each of the Top 10 contestants and the 2 alternates are being given 2000L in order to assist them with creating their special look for the pageant. All of the Top 10 and the 2 alternates will be contacted shortly with further instructions. Congratulations to all of you!!

In alphabetical order the Top 10 are:

Avona Ryba

Colleen Criss

Gamp Lane

Ida Boomhauer

Jula Carnell

Kate Stockholm

Payton Heron

Pris Telling

RubyStarlight Writer

Sapphire Coakes

Alternates are:

Abandoon Nacht

Raphaella Nightfire

To all of the Top 20, each of you are remarkable women! Thank you for allowing us to get to you know all!!

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