ATTENTION : Holiday Shoppers !!!!

I have found the place for all your Second Life Holiday decorating and gift giving needs !!! I found this by accident , didn’t know it existed on second life … and now I go every chance I get BUT time is running out !

Let me share …they see a picture is worth a thousand words ….


when you arrive at Dinky’s this nice penguin shuttles you across the water on his block of iced snow. And then the true magic of Dinky’s begins!!


Magic is truly what you find here. Original and unique design, charming atmosphere and even Scrooge could NOT not love Christmas strolling thru here. Santa and friends fly, skate, carol, balloon ride, snowboard, sled ride the list just goes on and on.

There shopping for costumes, and goodies one of a kind items and decorations…..


You can even set one Santa knee and tell him your wish list….



Have a romantic dinner in the Enchanted Crystal Cave…..



An after dinner penguin hockey game …


maybe some caroling with the snow people…..



No matter what your holiday needs are you will find it all here !!

Happy Holidays Second Life !!!!

Opps! I almost forgot ….what I’m wearing you will find at Dolly Rock’s in her new holiday releases.

2 thoughts on “ATTENTION : Holiday Shoppers !!!!

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