Fleur Vain Inc Valentines Skin

Fleur Vain Inc Valentines Skin

I’ve been on this hunt sparatically and there are some really great gifts  to be found! This skin is one of them!fleurvdhunt2

I’m wearing Fleur Allure Sable Valentine. The skin comes in 7 shades all of them just as beautiful as the last. You can find the skins here  .

The Hair is  >TRUTH< Carrie – Seaspray.

My little teddy friend of course is a Sway Creation  and so is the cute necklace…. there is a hunt going on there as well .

Eyes are from Earthstones EarthStones Stoned Eyes – Lapis Lazuli.

Lashes Sky Everett Designs-eyelash natural long.

Kiss hunt gifty #58 Ear Candy ~ Valentine Earring.

The tank is a group gift from Soft Touch Skins. There is a I love girls tank in the gift too.

The Shrug is WoE Festival of Hearts hunt gifty . At LVS Drive location.

So Valentines Hunts all over and lots of great gifts but more then that new discoveries! I’ve found some fabulous sims to explore and alot of new stores I will go back and shop again !

Happy hunting and have a great Valentines day )


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