Just a Quickie !!

Some of you may know I’m an instructor at NCI too, I love doing it ! I meet tons of new people oldbies and newbies and its great fun. I like to help out there because NCI was so helpful to me when I hit the grid.


 Brace Coral founded NCI in April 2005. Current Executive Director Carl Metropolitan took the reins in September 2005. His staff includes Deputy Director Tateru Nino, Deputy Director Garn Conover, Education Director Afon Shepherd, Freebie Director Nardok Corrimal, Events Coordinator Gramma Fiddlesticks, AdNode Coordinator Eric Boyer, AdNode Sales fr43k Paine, IT Director Yukiko Omegamu, and InfoNode Project Director Yumi Murakami.

That being said NCI instructors set out tip containers and sometimes we are tipped and sometimes we are not and sometimes we get really helpful useful tips and great gifts but most importantly we make new friends 🙂 . Like last night, my class filled to 15 so I made a ton of new friends, I encourage them all to friend me that way I’m just and IM away if they need help or a chat , anything ! One of the people who attended the class dropped some really great gifts on me , awesome jewely and really nice nails and one dropped me an LM to a shop and added me to friends list. I even got a kiss ! 🙂 So I finished up class we all stood around chatting for a bit covering more questions and answers and I popped over to the LM I was given,the shop is called LaRosa. Everything in the store …..10L. Let me show what I found!


Check it ! Cute little jean skirt outfit. It came with sculpty boots too but one of the textures was messed up 😦 but hey all I spent was 10L 🙂 so I’m not unhappy….so I remembered these cute kicks from the Kiss Hunt and rummaged thru my inventory and found my favorite little ruffle socks from Rebel Hope. The bracelets were a gift , part of the jewelry from a girl who took my class.

The skin is Lazolli, the hair is JUNWAVE . The pose is LOTTA .



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