Kitty Pidgeon of JetDoll sent out a group call yesterday for help.

Honestly I’ve been getting tired of the (Editing JetDoll) tag and wanted something with a little more pazzaz! Who to turn to for ideas but the fans! Come up with a clever title that defines JetDoll, with symbols, and/or words to fit the tag line and win a 1,000L shopping spree!

Need all submissions by AUGUST 15th, 2009

What to turn in:
A notecard with your name, and the title/titles you’ve come up with!”

JetDoll is Rockabilly/ Psychobilly/ Pin-up/ Pinup/ Greaser/ Oldies/ Subculture/1940’s/1950’s/ Burlesque/contest/ shoes/ hair/ accessories/ shapes/ poses/ mens/ womens/ Betty/California/ surf/ Hawaiian/ Tiki/Mermaid/ Retro and Vintage fashion.

JetDoll Poodle Skirt

(photo by me šŸ™‚ @ Babenco Studios)

What I’m wearing :

JetDoll Poodle Skirt

Tres Beau Sweater , part of Jeri

(DBS ) Fae

ZarraĀ  Kaya coral blk and silver

HEELS Verona Black

[paper.doll] Hayden Tan Romance *Store Closed*


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