HEELs Launches Thier New Redgrave Collection Today !!!

And You are invited !! Launch begins at Noon SLT , don’t be late !

Redgrave Collection

The Redgrave Collection has been made with the usual attention to detail that is now attributed to the HEELs line.  All of the sculpts and some on the fantastic rendered textures have been made especially for this range by Rual Redgrave, drawing from Real Life for inspiration, and most of the styles from shoes I own.

The first five styles bought to you are:

CELINE  (Modelled in White today by Nicki Swasahbuckler)

CHLOE  (Modelled today in Red by MocaDulce Latte)

COCO  (Modelled today in Black by Myself)

SONIA   (Modelled today in Purple by Dreadlecta Ceriano)

SOPHIA   (Modelled today in Blue by Tataslicious Jewell)
All designs have the usual foot and nail color change facilities and options via the hud.   The difference with these is that the do not offer Nail art, instread, on the right foot you have an ankle chain with a choice of 8 Metal colors via the hud.  On the left foot you have the choice of 8 ankle tattoos, plus plain skin. making 9 variations.

Other styles from the Redgrave Collection will be coming soon, including ankle and long boots and some accessories to add the final touch to your outfits.

Again Thank you for coming along and showing your support.



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