Symphony Skins *SSV3*

Symphony Skins is proud to announce the fourth series of *SSV3* is now available in-store.
Twelve new makeup options per skin tone have been added to the line-up, all with Symphony Skins signature six variations for the ultimate personalized look.






Symphony Skins come in Day and Night versions.
Skintones from lightest to darkest:
Soprano, Contralto, Alto, Tenor, Baritone
All demo skins are shown with the (DB) option.
Day demo’s are shown with the standard bust option.
Night demo’s are shown with the Busty option.
Busty= ehanced bustline
(LB)= light brow, designed for lighter shades of hair
(DB)= dark brow, designed for darker shades of hair
(RB)= red brow, designed for reddish shades of hair

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