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I entered Second Life on September 5, 2007.  My professional career really began here when I graduated from the Ewing Fashion Agency in October of 2008.  right out of the chute I won the Ewing Runway Diva VII show that same month.  At that point my modeling career began to take off in earnest.  Today I am modeling for some of the top agencies in second Life, including; Boulevard, Diversity,  Elan, Focus, ModelX, Opium, and Starlight Inc., and UVogue.

While my modeling career was taking off, I also began to develop an avid interest in photography.  The two careers complement each other extremely well and everything began to fall into place.  I am now the Owner of Kalypso  Photography and have recently become a Certified PhotoLife Photographer.  I offer a wide variety of photographic services and am a Staff Photographer for several publications including; Best of Second Life Magazine, and Jenna Coppola Studios.

When time permits, I also enjoy doing some custom landscaping and terraforming, but admittedly this has become more of an avocation at this point.

I enjoy my dual careers in modeling and photography,  and am looking forward to whatever the future holds for me.  It’s always a pleasure making new friends and contacts here on the Grid.

You’re Invitation ……



Come to the Kalypso Photography Open House and Party on Wednesday, September 2, 2009, from 12:00 noon till 2:00 pm SL Time.

Dance to the hot music provided by the DJs: Top models Mavi Beck and Jarl Soderstrom!

Tour the redesigned Studio and Gallery. Visit the stores on the second floor offering model poses by oh!, textures, frames, and carpets!

Win prizes! You’ll have chances to win male and female poses by Poses by Oh!, textures, and the Grand Prize – a Photo Portfolio including 3 portraits by Keltoi Recreant!

Come party with me!

Keltoi Recreant , Kalypso Photography

One thought on “Keltoi Recreant, PHOTOGRAPHER/MODEL

  1. Hi Keltoi,

    Congrats on your achievements in SL. I can see to be a top model is not as easy as people think. I have a PhotoLife studio and it is just the best. I must admit I have heaps to learn about it yet but I won’t give up.

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