PixelDolls and **MIS**

PixelDolls has long been a favorite place of mine since I came to Second Life actually. I love the *look* of  everything in the store and I have an inventory full of of it. Boots, shoes, hair, skins and clothes all very well made , awesome textures and fabulous colors always. So when I got the notice there was new skins and a sale I popped over and found this corset that is just perfection.  50L on sale. Antique lace collar and sleeves, undone feminine and sexy.

pixeldolls and MIS


The pants are the September group gift from **MIS** in black.

Whats up at PixelDolls? Well I’m sure you wont want to miss this sale and retirement of some great skins.

From the ad :

**New Skins – Ichigo**
No Copy / Transferable – 12 Makeups – Demos available.
Each makeup includes 3 tone variations. Tintable brows – Blonde, Black, Ginger, and Silver presets included.
Available at:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Port%20Seraphine/126/130/258


**Discount Skins – Last Chance**
I will be removing the L10 skins from the shop on Monday, so this weekend is your last chance to pick those up. If you know a noob or need to skin an alt, you should come by and check these out while you still can.
I have updated the permissions in these vendors to No Copy / Transferable so you can pass them along to others if you like.

L10 Skins

**Diving Board**
Wait, what? A diving board?
That’s right! I did the textures on this thing and am very proud. 😛

Diving Board

Come jump off it at our pool. Includes 9 dives, available in four color patterns.


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