Sue Stonebender ~ “Grassroot Soccer”

Some of you may or may not know who Sue Stonebender is, I’ve only met her twice in Second Life thru invitations to parties, what I have learned about her is she is kind, creative, generous and fun. If you have not visited or purchased any of the awesome things she has created for making your Second Life more beautiful , you should check her profile and tp directly to any of the thing that interest you. House of Serendipity.

Sue sent out a message to her group asking only that they pass this on and go vote. Her message :

One of the roles I am most passionate about in my 1st life  – is the work I do with an organization called “Grassroot Soccer” founded by my friend, Ethan  Zohn, with his prize money when he won “Survivor Africa”. GRS  is an incredibly innovative AIDS advocacy program for kids in  Africa & Ethan is one of the most selfless people I know. While  he is now battling a rare form of cancer for the 2nd time, with  chemo failing, instead of thinking of himself he’s moving  mountains for others again. He’s one of the 5 finalists in “GQ  Better Men Better World Search” & will donate the $10,000 to  GRS if he wins. Voting ends tomorrow. Would you take a  moment to simply click to vote for him?

Here are  ways that you can get there:  or through — the Grassroot Soccer front page —  which has Ethan’s pic and a note linking here, also taking you  through:   Thanks so much for the notes coming in from people saying  they’ve voted!  I’m so very, very grateful for your help with this.  Keeping a good thought for all of you

I’d  be so grateful if you’d help Ethan help kids by clicking,  sharing the link in your blogs, tweets, anywhere with eyes. You  don’t have to be big to make a difference. Very gratefully  your’s — Sue Stonebender.

Find out more about Sue her business in SL and her passions in her offline life here:

From her profile about The Giving Tree:

I want to thank my customers for their continued support of the Giving Tree project. Your generosity has been an unimaginable blessing.  It will be one of the dearest memories I take with me when I go.

“Think with an open mind.  Love with an open heart.  The rest will take care of itself.” –Sue.
A micro-finance program in support of the working poor in developing countries, and a special way of inviting friends and patrons to join me in a little uplift.  You will find leaves beneath this tree with an invitation to make a small investment of L$250 in a business person in a developing country.

See who you are helping here (loans section):


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