*NYMPHETAMINE New and Fabulous

Paeoti Pomeray is bringing sexy back with style ! Delicious , sleek and alluringly feminine. Lace never looked so good ! Makes a curvy girl smile!

Paeoti_Maladay  Formal Dress.  maladayformal1

Dutch Touch’s new release River (worn here in Coffee-Summer), stunning ! I’m pretty sure River has the most perfect lips in all of Second Life. If you love the jewelry get it at Zaara’s.

Paeoti_Maladay Lingerie : stop them in their tracks in this ! Hat comes with. Oh! and be sure to look at the other  new hats while you are there, there are several.



Paeoti_Soho Babydoll_Grey & black (Grey Scale, tint it your fav color). Naughty naughty babydoll!


Like to mix n match? I do too 🙂


Gotta have the shoes? ♫ ♫ HEELS – The Next Generation of Heels is Here !! Love the hair? Get it at Cake Dakota light blond.

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Snooky Poses
Diesel Works
PDA Some Girls

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 and here.

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One thought on “*NYMPHETAMINE New and Fabulous

  1. Colleen! Thanks so much for yet another wonderful write up and gorgeous pictures on NYMPHETAMINE! You Do make us look SO good!

    You’re looking sexy as always!
    Mission accomplished!

    Thanks again!
    Stacy Maracas

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