primOptic Arach glasses

I absolutely love these glasses ! Ive had these for a very long time. This morning I put them on and hit *update* cuz thats one just one of its very cool features and nothing happened 😦 so , I sent a note card to the creator and with in minutes literally …. he dropped a new pair to me . Now that is ….excellent customer service !!

So lets cap and recap…

Great style, great customer service , resonably priced and ….

 We are dedicated to offering the very best eyewear in both style and functionality. We hope you are as proud to wear our products as we are to make them.


After copying the glasses into your inventory, simply right-click them and click Wear. You will probably need to adjust the glasses to your shape, this is nothing to worry about, and is standard procedure for most attachments in Second Life.

By default, our glasses attach to the nose. If you wish to wear nose jewellery or hair attachments on your nose, you must attach the glasses to another attachment point, such as your chin. If you do this, you will need to adjust the glasses as explained in section 3.


After wearing the glasses, simply left-click them to open the menu or say “/9glasses” in the chat:

– Frame: Enables you to set the color of the frame and to enable/disable shininess (if you have enabled ‘Bumpmapping and Shiny’ in your Advanced Graphics preferences) and bling.

– Glass: Enables you to set the tint color and opacity setting of the glass.


Your glasses can be worn up on your head or on your nose. You can switch these positions with the menu. Click the glasses or say “/9glasses” to bring up the menu. You can also say “/9nose” and “/9head” to switch positions.

NOTE: Before adjusting or stretching the glasses, please make a backup copy in your inventory in case things go wrong.

To adjust the position of the glasses on your avatar’s head, use the posing stand provided in the box. Simply drag the posing stand to the ground, and then right-click and and Stand on it. Next, right click your glasses and select Edit. Select Position. Use the red, green and blue postion arrows to adjust the glasses to your avatar’s head.

1) Adjust the glasses in the “on nose” position.
2) Click “On Head” in the menu, or say “/9head” to switch to the head position.
3) Adjust the glasses in the “on head” position.
4) Click “On Nose” in the menu, or say “/9nose” to switch to the nose position.

NOTE: The glasses record their position each time you switch from head to nose. If you do not switch from head to nose after adjusting the glasses, they will revert to the default position each time you teleport or log in to Second Life.

Our eyewear is sized for “standard” heads. If the glasses are too large or too small to fit your avatar, you can stretch them. To do this, right-click your glasses and select Edit. Select Stretch. Locate one of the light grey stretch boxes and stretch the glasses to the correct size. You will need to adjust the position of the glasses after this.


Our glasses are equipped with several useful gadgets. These can be toggled on and off in the Gadget menu.

– Flight enhancer: Enables you to fly over the 220m limit in the sky. If you have another flight enhancer script, make sure you use only one at a time, otherwise, Bad Things(tm) might occur.

– Online monitor: Enables you to see if a person, who is NOT on your friends list or hiding their status, is online or offline. To use the online monitor, switch it on through the Gadget menu and say /9name <avatar name>, for example:
        /9name Nibb Tardis
A dialog box informs you of the change of status of the person. Note: There is a delay in status notification when the person goes offline. This is due to a limitation of Second Life, not a product defect. To stop monitoring someone, click Gadgets > Online, or Gadgets > Reset, or enter a different name.

– Proximity Sensor: Enables you to know who is within 90 meters of your avatar. The primOptic glasses warn you when they see an avatar within that range. In order to prevent lag, the sensor automatically goes into standby mode if the number of avatars is over 16. The sensor resumes normal operation when the avatar count goes below that number.

– Updater: Click this to check if any updates are available for your glasses. If updates are available, they will be sent to you automatically. After sending an update request, the glasses might stop reacting. They will resume normal operation after approximately a minute.


If you have any comments or suggestions that might help us improve our product line, or if you need support with the product, please IM Nibb Tardis.


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