Second Life Fashion ~ Then and Now

BOSL and Opium Fashion Agency teamed together to bring an extraordinary show today and it was my pleasure to be there and see how far designers have come. I didnt arrive on the grid until 12/07 and even in my short time I’ve seen some really amazing designs not only of fashions but absolutely everything on the grid and sculpts have opened a lot of doors! I am totally in awe of all the talented designers in Second Life from fashion to building to entire sim designs!

Lets talk Tres Beau and Miss Kimmera Madison … the designer of the 1st Second Life Wedding gown , chatting during the show she told me that in 2004 there were no templates to go by, no attactment points to place all these fabulous things we do today .

Shown here is her 2004 wedding gown, Rosebud, modeled by the beautiful Anastacia Morkova CEO and Top Model at Opium Fashion Agency . This photo taken by Opium Staff member Luciferi Demonia shows the 2004 look for the most fashionable bride from hair , skin to gown by Kimmera.

THEN 2004


Orchid is Kimmera’s newest wedding design and truely an absolute work of art (blogged by me previously) worn here by the beautiful Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency Director & Top Model.

NOW 2009


You’ve come along way baby!!! We all have and we have done this with style thanks you fabulous Second Life designers everywhere!

Tres Beau


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