HammerFla Magic @ CC’s Cafe


HammerFla Magic has been singing in Second Life for a year now. and he has been making a big impact with his fabulous singing voice.  He started off his singing career as a teen with a band called “The Coming Generation” then continued on as a solo guitarist and vocalist at night clubs, private parties, boardwalks, beaches and the net.  He has a wonderful array of music to please everyone and get you all “dancing in your seats,” as well as the floor.

Hammer2 Profile Pic MGFX

Hammer sings a wide range of songs from the 50’s through current day, The Beach Boys, Madonna,  Vince Gill, Beatles, to many to list them all.

You can not go wrong catching one of his shows on the grid.  

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing and booking HammerFla often this past year and it’s always a treat to hear him and work with him. HammerFla  has a distinctive voice. He reminds me very much of the ultimate *crooner* of the Rat Pack genre. He interacts with his audience, often coming into the crowd to dance and chat and sings both old standards and current music with ease, and always with that smooth voice of his.

So definitely pop over to CC’s Cafe tonight at 5pm SLT and add some romance to your second life ! If you have not been to CC’s Cafe , it’s a casual venue in a very scenic setting. No Malls, no shops, no sells….CC’s is about fun, friends old and new and enjoying all of that with some great Second Life Entertainers. While you’re at CC’s Cafe after the show or even come early and explore the Opium Sim set up with some relaxing intimate spots to set and chat.

Ladies heres a little tip for you 🙂 wear red !


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