Debut @ CC’s Cafe


Toran Babenco, Second Life Photographer and Videographer will make his singing debut at CC’s Cafe tonight at 7pm SLT and we could not be more excited!


“Music has always been a big part of my life from the time I was very young.   I can thank my family for the influence they had on me; constantly playing all types of music of the 40’s to the 80’s.  
From school concerts to here and now on “second life” I’ve always enjoyed singing.  As a teenager I had a band in which I sang and played the guitar.   In the Marine Corp., a  group of us got together to harmonize and sing  A cappella at different venues.  
After the Corp,  I sang in a few small clubs and  restaurants,  always enjoying the music.    Of course, I needed to make ends meet and not wanting to live the life of a starving musician, I had to move on to another career, but always keeping music as one of the passions in my life.  
I enjoy photography as well as music, so I created a photography studio on second life which you are all welcome to visit.”


From 6pm SLT to 7pm SLT pop over and listen to *DJ* Jezz, we absolutely enjoy her, bring your requests and dedication! Don’t forget to catch her every Tuesday for Blues night at CC’s Cafe .


See you tonight beginning at 6pm SLT @ CC’s Cafe. Dress is casual, good music , good fun and good friends in a relaxing  ambient setting.


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