“Tiatopia presents Ichie’s New Talent Showcase”

What’s happening!

Starting this Friday, November 6th, Ichie will be featuring a new Second Life performer every other week before my regular show at Tiatopia!


“Tiatopia presents Ichie’s New Talent Showcase” will bring you the best of the new perfomers in Second Life.   These artists are handpicked by Greek and Ichie so come down and have a listen!  You may find some new favorites!

Ichie’s guest artist starts at 7 pm SLT and Ichie will follow them at 8 pm slt.  Come as you are!  We just love to see you and Tia will start the sploder too!

The first featured performer will be Toran Babenco.  For those that attend Ichie’s regular show at Twilight Blues and Jazz, you may recognize Toran as a regular there!  So come show him your support!  BTW, Ichie will be on the Twilight Blues and Jazz stage tonight Nov. 4th @ 8pm SLT. Join us there !



2 thoughts on ““Tiatopia presents Ichie’s New Talent Showcase”

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