Modavia and photoLIFE are teaming up to find the best fashion photographers on the grid!

Fashion Photographer of the Year 2009

Modavia and photoLIFE are teaming up to find the best fashion photographers on the grid. Please read the attached for further details. The prize packages grow by the day so catch up on the latest on and hope to see many entries from this group 🙂

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Modavia, publisher of the Modavia Fashion Directory, announces that the company will be creating a new award to recognise outstanding accomplishment in the field of fashion photography. The FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR title, which will be awarded annually, will be open to all SL photographers and will be judged across three categories: 1) Haute Couture, 2) Street and 3) Boudoir.  Judges will include designers, fashion magazine editors and Modavia editorial staff. The contest will be sponsored by photoLIFE, CW Studios, Moolto, Reel Expression, Diesel Works and BehaviourBody animations.
Prizes will include:

❶ First prize
▫ $L$100,000  cash
▫ a one year contract with Modavia
▫  L$9,900 studio gift certificate from photoLIFE and submission for consideration to the Master Photographer’s Group
▫ Six pose sets from Diesel Works including 25 unreleased poses and photo prop.

➋  Second prize
▫ L$9,900 studio gift certificate from photoLIFE
▫ L$5,000 storecard from CW Studios
▫ L$3,200 gift card from Reel Expression
▫ Four pose sets and photo prop from Diesel Works.

➌  Third prize
▫ L$9,900 studio gift certificate from photoLIFE
▫ Mega pack of 135 poses from BehaviourBody animations
▫ 2 pose sets from Diesel Works.
Guidelines for participation:

1. Only original, unpublished work will be accepted (previous publication on Flickr or other print or electronic medium before the contest closes will disqualify the entry).
2. Each photographer should submit 3 images corresponding to the categories 1) Haute Couture, 2) Street and 3) Boudoir and should own full rights to the images submitted.
3. Specification:  Double page format 6000 (wide) x 3882 (tall)
4. Please provide the following information for each image:
– Title of photograph
– Photographer name
– Model name/s
– Name of designer/outfit and accessories
– Name of pose
– Sim / location of shoot
5. Photoshop treatment is acceptable but please bear in mind that the purpose of fashion photography is to show each garment to its best advantage so details of the texture, style and embellishments of the garment should not be unduly obscured. Poses should respect the line of the outfit being shot and not distort prims or stretch textures.
6. Please submit photographs to and name each image as follows:  “Fashion09_Photographer name_Category” – for example – “Fashion09_Annie Leibovitz_Haute Couture”. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN 3 IMAGES.
7. Deadline for submission is midnight November 30th, 2009
8. Winner will be announced December 20th, 2009
9. Winning images will be published in the Modavia Fashion Directory, on Modavia web and Flickr sites as well as exhibited in-store and online by our sponsors. Coverage of winning images in other major fashion magazines is under negotiation.

The very best of luck to you all.

Poptart Lilliehook
CEO, Modavia Fashion Marketing

OomPoppaMowMow Snookums
CEO, photoLIFE Professional Photography System


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