CC’s Cafe Tonight !

CC’s Cafe is a  new and thriving music venue. It’s only been open for about a month but we have a good time ! Good music and great entertainers ! Not to mention our fabulous house DJ Jezz !! We are a relaxed laid back place, always casual and a nice place to hang out! There is always good music playing and some of the best Second Life newspapers and magazine to enjoy while you chill, as well as the very addicting game Simon ! Pop over have a look, tap the Cafe subscriber or join the in world CC’s Cafe Group to keep up with what is coming up.

TONIGHT is no exception as we welcome back Ganjo Mokeev !  He will groove us at 5pm SLT.



Ganjo combines his RL performing experience and his natural talent into a bluesy, funky, romantic good time! His sets incorporate live guitar and live vocals over recorded backing tracks (he plays all the backing instruments himself), which creates a groove that is sure to get your rump shakin’ and your feet movin’! Don’t miss the chance to check out the shows!

He writes and arranges his own original songs, as well as arrangements of cover tunes. He has been playing guitar, bass, and drums and singing for over 30 years and has quite a bit of experience in many styles of music, but prefers music with funky backbeats and strong rhythmic grooves. Blues and Funk get him going! His first CD “Rough Mix” was released in 2000. His second CD “It’s Like This” has now been released in 2009. Find out more about Ganjo here .

Following him @ 6pm SLT , will be a newcomer to the music scene in Second Life, Toran Babenco ! 


 Toran is a gifted singer and his popularity is growing.

“Music has always been a big part of my life from the time I was very young.   I can thank my family for the influence they had on me; constantly playing all types of music of the 40’s to the 80’s.   From school concerts to here and now on “second life” I’ve always enjoyed singing.  As a teenager I had a band in which I sang and played the guitar.   In the Marine Corp., a  group of us got together to harmonize and sing A accapalo at different venues.   After the Corp,  I sang in a few small clubs and  restaurants,  always enjoying the music.    Of course, I needed to make ends meet and not wanting to live the life of a starving musician, I had to move on to another career, but always keeping music as one of the passions in my life.   I enjoy photography as well as music, so I created a photography studio on second life which you are all welcome to visit.”

Toran is also an awesome Second Life photographer and videographer, who operates as Babenco Studio’s in Second Life. You can visit his studio here .

 We are having an awesome time at CC’s Cafe and we’d love to share good times with you ! Here is your taxi !


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