It’s a NYMPHETAMINE Merry Christmas !!!

Santa came early this year 🙂 disguised as paeoti Pomeray ! Oh my ! when I opened these I could hardly stand it . Toran was standing there laughing at me being *like a little girl @ Christmas*  and I was!!  BUT when I tried these on *grins* suddenly he wanted to be Santa !

The work in these outfits are amazing in detail. I love the top hats! all decorated in pearls , lace and winter roses. I played with these and much of this can be mix n match which I love .

Have you hit the link yet ?? I have one more but read while you grab the sleigh below !! Seriously gonna be a very sexy christmas 🙂 , I’ll see you there !

Wanna make your Santa smile go NOW !! Your sleigh awaits !




Paeoti_Flirty Fannie PeekAboo Bordello
Paeoti_Flirty Foxy Fannie
Paeoti_Flirty Flaming Fannie
Stiletto Moody Pinup (Blacker Patent)
JCNY – AVALON, Hyper-Gems Wedding/Engagement Ring
(Dahlinks) Silent Night Evening Start Belly Chain – Diamond
(Dahlinks) BoHo Earring – Gun Metal
*CUPCAKES – Daydream – Nutmeg – Limited
-=FORSAKEN=- Tit-nipply Snowflake Pasties
Maitreya Bo – Beach Blond
*Dark Night Starry Eyes (C)
[Sassy Kitty Designs] Biohazard Leather Gloves

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