New Citizens Inc

NCI is a huge valubale resource to all new Second Life residents. I’m an instructor at NCI. I teach Event Planning and Hosting @ 6pm SLT every Sunday and my good friend and mentor any1 Gynoid teaches the class at 6AM SLT . NCI classes and events are always listed in the SecondLife events page.

New Citizens Inc (commonly referred to as the NCI) is a PG Resident run help area for everyone created by Brace Coral in April 2005. It has become one of the largest mainland ‘help areas’ run by volunteer residents. NCI provides guides, classes and events, tutorials, information, and sandboxes for new players as well as advanced classes for the more experienced.

NCI is entirely resident-run and financed and is unaffiliated with Linden Lab. Land and tier for NCI’s campuses has been purchased by NCI or donated by NCI members and supporters.

There are five NCI campuses:

NCI Kuula, the original NCI location – Kuula (71, 173, 28)
NCI South, adjacent to the South Welcome Area – Hamnida (227, 65, 112)
NCI Beach – Fishermans Cove (62, 195, 24)
NCI Caledon – Nova Civis Caledon Sim
NCI Caledon Annex – Caledon Highlands (157, 214, 39)

NCI classes include basic and advanced courses in building and texturing, clothing and accessory creation, scripting, and land ownership. Examples of other basic SL classes include Second Life 101, Using the Search Menu, Avatar Makeover, SL Consumer Skills, and New Player Q&A.

The NCI website is . NCI Blog is and

NCI Locations
CF University (NCI Partner)
NCI Snow Country


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