NYMPHETAMINE ~ Mysterious Style

Creole Lady !!!

Baby I see you
That look in your eyes

Hips that keep shaking
mysterious style

exotically tempting
familiar to me

That Creole Sexy it’s all over me

(Photos by Toran Babenco, Babenco Studio)

(Lyrics ~ Beyonce – Creole)
NYMPHETAMINE  Creole Lady Mysterious Sexy Style !

Paeoti_Creole Lady
Moulin Rouge Cane w/Diamond (part of the Rebel Hope Designs Moulin Rouge Paris Costume)
**Hair Influence =My Happy Ending= shiny blonde
.:A&M:. My Fav. Necklace –  Black Pearls – Simple Large (RESIZ)
.:A&M:. My Favorit Necklace –  Black Pearls – Multiple (RESIZ)
Stiletto Moody Pinup (Blacker Patent)
JCNY – AVALON, Hyper-Gems Wedding/Engagement Ring
*CUPCAKES – Seduction – Nutmeg – Holiday
ADD & :[MudHoney]: Designs – Stripper Posing Pole (c)

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