BareRose ~ Diamond Disco

From Wikia review :

June Dion (August 7 2005) is the owner of Bare Rose Tokyo one of the busiest and largest shopping and clothing groups on Second Life with its own private island.

June’s work is noted for the fantastic range of detail, in executing its fantasy, goth, Victorian, neko, loligoth and pacific rim influences. Signature pieces include the Thorn of Beauty Kimono. In general B@R’s prices are very low from 100L to 300L with 150L being a common price point, with several colors given for many outfits. Most items are no copy, modify and transfer.

June’s work has received wide praise for its innovation and daring.

Not sure it can be said any better ! The details in the work are amazing, the layers and options unique texturing. Something for everyone male and female , rp’er or not.  The  prices never break your linden bank and are worth so much more in reality.

Today I’m showing Diamond Disco !

 ::: B@R ::: Diamond Disco

Shoes by Stiletto Moody ~ Bare Lauren


Skin by Free Speerit ~ Fiona Gold Glow

Hair by [V] Vignette Sophia Platinum Plus


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