PixelDolls !Timeless ~ beauty and elegance

Very soon after landing on the Second Life grid, I met and was friended by Willow Matthews. She introduced me to PixelDolls and I’ve loved this designer since.

The textures, the colors the look of elegant fashion and the extremely always affordable prices of PixelDolls 2 yrs later for me and I’m still shopping there and sharing with newcomers to Second Life like it was done for me.

Let me show you what I’m talking about !

All the layer options you need and want. Elegant beauty ! Great group gifts!

PixelDolls (Luna Viola) Desert Boot~ Brown accents (may not still be available)
PixelDolls Outfit I (free)
PixelDolls Outfit II (free)
PixelDolls Wrapped. Green L$100

=HooT= Starry Eyes (BrightBlue-M)
[V] Vignette Sophia Platinum Plus
FS Skin – Fiona Gold Glow
P.C; Faceted Parrot Stone Earrings
P.C; Tumbled Stone Statement Necklace
JCNY – AVALON, Hyper-Gems Wedding/Engagement Ring


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