Thursday – December 17th – 2009 – Wild Flowers Systems

Wild Flowers Systems, the developers of photoLIFE ( a photography system in Second Life ) has announced that it is working on the final stages of a new system designed to control flexi prims on objects inside of Second Life.  The new system will be under a new brand “Omega Virtual” , dubbed the Flexi Controller, and have the ability to control the direction of flexi prims on objects to give the effect of wind. This would essentially give SL residents a realistic approach to wind control over individual objects.  Objects like hair that can have over 100 prims will only take 1 script to control all the flexi prims linked to the object, creating almost zero lag.  The “OV” Flexi system will incorporate a other devices that would give users the ability to control many objects at the same time over a larger area…. so skirts, hair, tree’s, all would be able to blow in the same direction at the same time.  The system is currently scheduled to be released within 2 weeks and is being designed to be able to control entire regions.

– Life Is Good

OomPoppaMowMow Snookums , CEO

colleen Criss , GM


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