Three Little Things ~ A Bloggers Challenge

Impossible !! When I read this I thought oh my goodness how can I choose just 3 things I could not live without.  I have a fabulous inventory, many special gifts, extensive wardrobes from many special designers and SL friends calling cards that I truely could not imagine ever losing. The things I truely cherish of all things SL are the people I’ve been fortunate to meet and become friends with. And teaching my classes at NCI is something I love ! BUT the challange is 3 little things .

After careful consideration I choose the 3 things in my Second Life I would miss terribly if I logged in and they were gone:

My photoLIFE v3

This awesome studio has brought me hours of fun and I’ve meet really awesome people being GM for this SL company , I hold this and all its brought me in SL very dear to my heart!

My Irkmade Toys !

Made by the totally awesome genius Hap Underwood. Fun burlesque glasses and shoe and hes even made a circus horse fully posed and animated.

Hap is an artist, designer and Animator.
He was the first artist and animator hired on The Sims, Design, animation and art direction for expansions. Pet, Vacation, Dating and Star.  Recent work 4 Nick, Disney, Henson.  RL Married 1/2009, Sorry girls 😉

I love these again hours of fun!

And listed last but certainly not last in my SL …. him !

My whole entire SL and partner, Toran Babenco. SL photographer, singer and videographer. One of the most exciting men I’ve met !


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