Ranena Olivier Couture ~ *[R.O.C.]*

Second Life Designers were very generous this year to thier groups and members, I got some really terrific things ! Thanks them all!

One of the gifts  from *[R.O.C.]* will be something to use for the entire year ! Shes given 3 gifts in one !

*[R.O.C.]* Elle Corset Gown

3 corset colors , red …. my fav color. So feminine , I love this gown the train is perfect and the back bow give it just that special touch. The bowed corsets are very sexy.

Green …..

and Lavender.

So, with the holidays winding down and the New Years Eve parties at hand… Toran and I are dressed to the nines!

(photos a combined by Toran Babenco, Babenco Photography & Videography and colleen Criss)

Toran is wearing :

Musashi-Do Christmas Edition InfiniTie shirts, sporting themed colors (a deep, daring hue of red and green) and two beautifully painted holiday InfiniTies ties and Party in Venezia suit (comes with bowtie and vests in 10 colors). I absolutely I love this store for mens clothes!



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