Nothing says love like SHoOoOes !!!

My Second Life partner , best friend and loving companion Toran takes excellent care of me. Spoils me infact!

Yesterday he said , c’mon time to shop I saw these shoes that you will love! and wisk’d  me off to N-core. He was right I love them!! I’m pretty sure there was NOT a color NOT represented and all the styles were awesome . We choose these in black, white and red .

Super sexy for sure and of course red is my fav color !  The best thing is they work for office :), runway, and play time !

Super easy to size and color to match your fav skin tones.

N-core STYLUS Platform XtremeHeel in Red.


Sculpted shoes and feet with menu:

– Resize
– Diamond on/off
– 7 buckle colors
– Gloss on/off
– 6 sole colors
– Sound heels on/off
– 55 feet skins & HUD color skin match

Great price too !

Here’s your tp to N-core !


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