NYMPHETAMINE Paeoti Cupid in Waiting

Its getting close ! The lovers holiday ! Paeoti has got you set up in style as always ! With Paeoti Cupid in Waiting !! Sexy, cute , playful and fun!

She sparkles and shines and the coolest thing is her bow and arrow !  I wore the entire set and did not lose any attached jewely , all layers and check out the wings !

How to use the PrimCess Cupid’s Bow and Arrow set:

* Wear the Bow, Arrow Attachment, and Quiver as you would any attachments.  The arrow and quiver are for looks, all you need for shooting is the bow.

* When you are ready to shoot, enter mouselook (press “m”), move the mouse around to aim, and click the mouse button to fire the arrow. The arrows can be fired anywhere but will only give the candy heart message poofs when they strike an avatar.

* The arrows fall as they fly so if something is far away, aim above it!  they can be quite accurate.

* They are designed to stop when they hit but may still cause an avatar “bump” to be recorded so be careful where you shoot them
* No need to collect your arrows, they disappear within 30 seconds after shooting.

*The bow can be quite naughty.  When it strikes avatars it sends them instant messages which include random naughty flirty pickup lines, flirts, and other suggestive material.  Perfect for trying to make a new friend or just simply being a tease!

Have fun!!

Paeoti Cupid in Waiting
Paeoti Cupid in Waiting Bow and Arrow Set
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+IROLLIC+ Valentine’s gift
Fleur Allure Sable Valentine
CCD – Pure – Faith Jewelry
!Rebel Hope Designs – Valentine Pumps

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