Sing for Haiti Red Cross Benefit

All weekend long! 38 hours nonstop. Wont you please come help !

Dear friends:

As you all know tragedy struck Haiti this past Tuesday, affecting the lives of aproximately 3 million people. The International Red Cross estimates that 100 thousand people have died and thousands more lost their homes. What we are trying to do is raise all the money we can and send to the Red Cross so that they can help those people, providing them with food, water and medical supplies.

The event will be on for 38 hours (starting Saturday 7 am till Sunday 9 pm) so be sure to come down and donate…let’s do something little…to help BIG.

The event will be held here .

for 38 hours, non-stop (we hope)

Saturday, January 16th through Sunday, January 17th

Here is the line up  and contact info.

Above is the landmark for the venue for the benefit for Haiti.  PLease use your stream for the event.  Helloise McAllister is your contact I will be in and out of world however you can reach me on Skype my ID is musicnotpolitics you can call or text me 260-229-7054 or you can hit up any MUSIC NOT POLITICS staff member with issues (staff are listed in my profile picks under Team MNP tab). 

AS of this writing the death toll is predicted at well over 50,000.  The Capital of Haiti is all but destroyed.  Troops and supplies have arrived but its difficult to navigate the infastructure has been severely damaged. 

Donation boxes are set up and all donations and the confirmation of the payment to the Red Cross will be posted on the MUSIC NOT POLITICS website ( within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event. 

Thank you all so much for your participation in this event. 


7am  Hazideon Zarco
8am Dominick Manatiso
9am Shannon Oherlihy
10am Rapture Demone
11am Agustin Braham
12pm  Dale Aries
1pm Mr Selona
2pm ClaireDe Dirval
3pm Nonge Shipman
4pm FacelessApe Mefusula
5pm Tpenta Vanalten
6pm Strum Diesel
7pm Angel Stormwind
8pm Starflower Orbit
9pm MrMulti Writer
10pm RoseDrop Rust


12am OneSummer Oh
4am DJ Mariza Reifsnider
5am Agustin Braham
6am Shane Kirshner
7am Josie Anderton
8am Mike00 Carnell
9am Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli
10am ZeroOne Paz
12pm Strummer Swansong
1pm Mack Humbridge
2pm Ronus Lefevre
3pm Rock Doghouse
4pm Mykal Skall
5pm MadMax Huet
6pm  Washedup Sideways
7pm Truelie Telling
8pm Zed Essex
9pm Keith Riaxik

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