SAS Aibell and a limited time sale from BAX Boots

Sascha Frangilli, the designer of the fabulous fashion of SAS is back after 5 weeks and she back in a huge way! This time she offers us something casual with a hint of spring in the air.

SAS Aibell Brown Babydoll

Aibell, comes in 3 colors, Blue , Brown and Turquoise with several options. I love the Bolero …sculpted and attaches to spine. Babydoll, cocktail, pants w/ sculpted cuff.

SAS Aibell Pant in Blue

A new casual outfit has been released consisting of:

* Top
* Skirt
* Mini Pants
* Knee Pants
* Sculpty Cuffs for the Knee Pants
* Babydoll flexi skirt
* Mini flexi skirt
* Cocktail flexi skirt

This has all the options we have come to love about SAS.

SAS Cocktail in Turquoise

One of the Aibells has been priced down for just ONE day.  😉
FYI – Bax Coen has been so kind as to reduce the price of the Bax Boots Blue Suede by 50% off in my mall.  This offer is limited, so be quick!

SAS – Aibell Brown Babydoll Skirt

Periquita Retro Round light blue  

(Elate!) Heart Aviators *Last Years Valentine Day Gift

Lost-Wood Bangles and Lostwood Earrings

RH Engel Jewelry – Easter ’09 Gold Necklace (Hunt GIFT)

Poses: Diesel Works Celeste

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