Pazazz ~ Introduces ~ The Mya Skin Collection! The skin to watch for in 2010 !

So you thought Pazazz was only all about the hair?  Well today that has changed!  Ladies, get on over to Pazazz and see what is in store for you!!!

Just a little tease for you, Mya Heaney is still very much hard at work on this awesome skins. A few tweaks and golden ! I am so totally in love with these lips ! 🙂 The deriere, perfect and just wait till you see the cute perky nipple ! And seriously the beauty mark on this skin add to the charm.


Painted with a meticulous hand, Mya Heaney has taken Pazazz to a whole new level and will now be creating skins for all of you to enhance your sexiness!


The first one is ready for you to come see and it is well named, The Mya Skin Collection!  Beautiful make-ups and skins tones for you to choose from!  ideally priced so you can afford more than one!


We invite you to come see the collection for yourself and try on your demos! From the desk of :

Lissa Baker
PAZAZZ Manager


 For those of you who don’t know Mya let me give just a bit of background. I 1st discovered her during the ’08 Hair Fair but she’s been here since ’05.


Mya Heaney arrived in SL in Dec 2005, and saw a dire need for great natural looking hair in Second Life!  She immediately started creating hair!  She teamed with her sister Stacy Maracas, and had several little vendor spots for her first three creations in Stacy’s Malls, and that was the beginning of what is now Pazazz Hair!


Mya found her huge success being the first Hair designer to create TRANSITIONS hair!  Touch your hair and the style changes!  So when you purchased a Pazazz Transitions hair style you were getting two for the price of one 🙂


Pazazz sits on its own sim titled the same as the store since early 2006, and houses other affiliate designers namely, NYMPHETAMINE, TK Clothing and several others.


So my advice is to this is the skin to watch for in 2010 !! Mya is’nt stopping there either she is hard at work revamping her fabulous hair textures as well ! So If you love skins and hair like I do PAZAZZ is where you want to visit often .


 The Mya Collection ! Go get yours here . PAZAZZ 🙂

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