Omega Flexi System on Sale Now

No you do not need to own a photoLIFE Studio to use the Omega Flexi System, Omega works independently and stand-alone. If you you always wanted to make your models hair flow and her gowns flutter, you want this system !

Omega Flexi System! Make flexi move the way YOU want it to move!


The Omega Flexi Remote Script & HUD are COPY and TRANSFER to allow you to control the flexi objects of other people.

****Controlling Individual Objects – From the Object Control Menu ****

****1.  On and Off from the Object Control Menu keep the script from responding to any settings or directional commands but will still give you the Object Control Menu when called.
****2.  Lock will lock the settings on your object so any settings changes from the HUD will not affect the Flexi Object that’s locked.  Unlock allows settings to change.
****3.  Direction will give you a menu with 8 directions to choose from to control that objects direction by itself.
****4. Random will put that object in Random mode by itself with a 0-10 second timer. Random mode will end when a direction is set from the HUD or Object Control Menu.
****5. Auto will push that object in a dirrection that’s behind an avatar when the object is attached.
****6. Access (owner only) will allow you to set the Access of a single object without changing other Flexi Objects around you.
****7. Settings will allow you to change the settings of individual objects without changing the settings of other Flexi Objects around you.

To celebrate, we’re offering a Valentine’s Day introductory price of 2500 L .  ONLY TODAY February 14th! 

After Valentine’s Day the retail price will be 2700 L


See the system here. 


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