Fat Tuesday !!! A Little trivia :)


Mardi Gras Terms:

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is the last hurrah before the Catholic season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. It also has links to the Christmas season through the period known as Carnival.

Carnival comes from the Latin words carne vale, meaning “farewell to the flesh.”


Krewe – a general name for the organizations and clubs that take part in the festivities. They are all non-profit organizations.

King Cake – an oval, sugared cake; sometimes with a plastic baby baked inside. The person that gets the baby is the “king” and has to buy the next round of cakes.

Throws – inexpensive trinkets thrown from floats. This sets Mardi Gras apart from other parades.

Did you know?

» Each year 750,000 King Cakes are sold in New Orleans, while 50,000 more are shipped by over-night mail to other states.

» The official colors of Mardi Gras: purple (justice), green (faith), and gold (power) were picked in 1872, but weren’t given their meanings until 1892.
» The first “throw” took place in 1871, when someone dressed as Santa Claus handed out gifts to the crowd from the 24th float in the Twelfth Night Revelers parade.
» The most used anthem of Mardi Gras is the song “If Ever I Cease to Love.”
If you go:

» The phrase to get a throw is “Hey, Mister, throw me something.”


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