It’s Friday !!!

Workday for me . Toran is trapped in a bizzard so I’ve kept buy catching up little things the tend to get forgotten.  Sorting inventory an endless and thankles and boring job !

You find things you forgot and things you had no clue you even had ! With the recent release of the Omega Flexi system and the 1st major update to the photoLIFE v.3 since its release and setting up my own studio (valenties gift from my man) its been a busy few weeks at Opium sim.

I found some cool stuff tho !  Like this Lesley Playsuit from Whippet & Buck. Part of the Red Packet Hunt. Adorable ! After seeing these boots from Redgrave for weeks on the blogs I finaly make it over to grab them too! Love em !!


Then I remembered weeks ago this cool utility belt from [BUKKA] it can rez a sky camp , change buckles, wear with or without the bag and ….FLY!!!

Its just super cool, you touch the buckle , it rez’s this hot air balloon, touch the balloon and tell it how may meters you want to go in the air and once there it rez’z this awesome sky camp !!

 [BUKKA]Balloon whispers: It is a balloon that goes to the sky camp. Please select the high degree touching after it gets on.
 [BUKKA]Balloon whispers: スカイキャンプへ向かう気球です。乗車後タッチして高度を選択してください。
 [BUKKA]Balloon whispers: The sky camp appearance altitude was set to100m.
 [BUKKA]Balloon whispers: 100m上空のスカイキャンプへ向かいます。
 [BUKKA]Balloon: Moving to 100 meters.
 [BUKKA]Balloon: Rezzing sky-camp.

Once in the sky camp there is a tent, tree table , log seats, a blanket , coconuts fall and stars twinkle . Its just amazing !


Whippet & Buck



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