Are you sure you have the sexiest Style in SL?

Check out the awesome newness at >>ROOTS<< !! über sexy, urban cool. Options you want and need like 4x the options. The HUD is way easy to use  you get 12 polishes ! Tint and tone to suit your skin altho I will tell you they were perfect color out of the folder with my [rQ] skin !

Wear with or without legging and tights , Love those have options too !! Choose your sexy !

I seriously love these, I love the shape of the foot totally. I love the ease of the HUD, and you know we all love and want and need options.

Checkout my bandana 🙂 get yours at >>ROOTS<< too with texture and color options , lovin my dress ? YUP ! Get it at >>ROOTS<

NEW SL Fashion and Style ~ Check out >>ROOTS<< today. Be sure to join their group for some fabulous  gifts and to keep up on the latest awesome creations !

You can also follow their blog here RootsDesigns .

Follow the link and join:


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