~Digital Knickers~

Have you been over lately?  Astry Mirabeau, owner of ~Digital Knickers~ does some fabulous designs. I love the store too, great ambiance 2 floors of fashion you are not going to find anywhere else on the grid.

~Digital Knickers~ newest release is  Masochist and I’m showing it in {alluring aqua}.

Fun and sexy huh? Prim pieces fit me perfectly right out of the box with absolutely no adjustments. Check out the bows on the gloves, zipped up bustier, lace textured perfectly , belted.

~Digital Knickers~ also has a Midnight Mania board in the store but you have to be quick because it gets slapped fast. You can also find boots and shoes, really great jeans I’ve blogged here before , you will also find a gift card system . After you shop till you drop be sure to look around the sim absolutely a great place to hang out with some fun people.

Also from ~Digital Knickers~ rawkin Cowgirl Hats ! Check this out.

Need more …. how about ~Digital Knickers~ Love Dealer

Shoes also ~Digital Knickers~. Virgo Chunky Mules.

~Digital Knickers~ Torried {princess} , this truck 🙂 is in the store ! Seriously it is just a great shop! What are you waiting for grab this ride now ~Digital Knickers~ .

Check out their blog as well !

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