Fresh & New @ Pazazz

Mya Heaney of Pazazz  has released some fabulous new hair styles for you ladies in some really stunning colors and textures. I’m  very excited to show you all her newness today !

Emma in Creme.

Fun, flirty and fresh, just in time for spring.

Gracie in Creme , cute side ponytail and for those who are good with their edit skills you can tint the ponyties to suit your fashion needs.

Jennifer in Creme

Short and sweet, color or tint the hair band to suit your LOTD. Mya Heaney arrived in SL in Dec 2005, and saw a dire need for great natural looking hair in Second Life!  She immediately started creating hair! 

Lacie is long full and sexy.

Missy in Creme.

 Mya found her huge success being the first Hair designer to create TRANSITIONS hair!  Touch your hair and the style changes!  So when you purchased a Pazazz Transitions hair style you were getting two for the price of one.

Mid length style. Pazazz sits on its own sim titled the same as the store since early 2006, and houses other affiliate designers namely, NYMPHETAMINE, TK Clothing and several others.

Tosha in Creme, fabulous long pony tail.

6 awesome new style from Pazazz  and just wait till you see all the fabulous colors waiting for you ! Whhile you are there don’t forget to check out her awesome skin line as well.


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