Remember this fabulous design for RFL from NYMPHETAMINE, blogged here . Well this gown is now a whole collection for you !

 The Newest Wedding Gown from Ms. Pomeray, Beautiful in all its simplicity with the detailing you’ve come to know from NYMPHETAMINE! 

Vivy Wedding Gown for 2010

As always with Paeoti, she gives you what you need for your wedding night as well! 🙂

The VIVY Line, in all its glorious shades of Spring, and something EXTRA Special along with it!!

Vivy in Seafoam with matching lingerie!

This line can actually dress the bride and all of her maids. The colors are perfect for spring. Each gown in the Vivy line comes with flowers for your hair , the wedding gown has the fabulous veil and flowers as well. So if you’re the bride, the bridesmaid or you just love awesome colors , textures fabulous gowns and lingerie… grab this ride  and watch this blog for more  from this line later today !

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