Spring Bazaar FINALLY !!

It took me a long time to even be able to get into the Bazaar, always full and a few times dropped me to the sim below and then I finally get in the right place and was chat flooded by what I’ll assume was a griefer and booted ….. so this morning I did finally make it and I’m glad I did. Awesome stuff !

From the Spring Bazaar
:WhoNose: Eggpack V1 – All times of day – Texturechange
(Medley)Hand Gun-Hearts


.:VDI:.  Jesablle – Sunny Blonde ~ Bandana texture change/resize found this while I was doing the NOT the hunt gift tho!!(ICON HUNT) shame about the bots all over the sim tho 😦 

Eva Bella “Easter Bunny”   FREE here . Check out the other boots and shoes here they are awesome !

** [ Riddle ] ** Realistic Brights – True Blue
FS Skin – Fiona Gold Glow (Pink Gloss)
$GaNKeD$ Goldblooded Bracelet in Iced Onyx  (GROUP GIFT)
(vive9) Legal Attention [abyss] Pants (CLOSING GIFT)
*Ticky Tacky* Rehab Earrings – Golden Girl
primOptic Arach glasses
Poses by  Niqotine  and pda

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