White Linen @ Tres Beau

Kimmera Madison is always in my head ! I shopped and searched the grid and the Street looking for something that had that *wow* factor, I was rescued!

White Linen currently available at Tres Beau just says elegant , chic , and feels like summer. Nothing feels quite as good to me in the hot humid southern summer as the crisp cool light feeling of linen against my skin.

I love this look, its tres fem, slit all the way up on side the skirt is full and long with the bow meeting at the waist kinda Angie Dickinson and Marilyn Monroe sexy classy feeling.

The collar and striped tube top under the bodice gives this a lil nautical feel I think, so wearable for a number of occassions ladies and I promise you will turn a few heads on the boardwalk.

I like it without the tube top too .

 Tres Beau

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